Eating Disorders

Counselling and Psychotherapy

As you may already know, thoughts around eating can be difficult to live with, you may find yourself being invited to a meal, a part of you wants to go but then there’s the part that means you have to eat in front of people, which can be unbearable for you! 

Maybe your fed up with constantly worried about calories, comparing yourself to others or using food as a comfort, trying to fill something your missing but not sure what it is. 

You might be thinking your thoughts around eating isn’t quite right and want to explore this further. 

So many people take eating for granted, but for some eating takes their focus away from enjoying life. If you have found yourself not enjoying life anymore, focusing more on food, wondering what you can eat and can’t eat, having rituals to help loose weight, binging or excessive exercising, get in touch today and lets explore this together.

As a Qualified Practitioner for Eating Disorders and constantly learning to bring you the most up to date treatment I can, I hope we can work together to formulate a treatment plan together. Allowing you to take responsibility for your treatment plan and bringing you a healthy lifestyle once more. 

Get in touch today for a chat to start enjoying life once again without worried about the emotions and thoughts around food. 

Get in touch today.