How to access Therapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy

I have been asked many times, how does this work? How do I booked in? To help answer this for you; I have created a 6 step process from start to finish to help you get involved in the therapy process.

Just follow the first 2 steps and the rest is the Counselling process…

Step 1:

You have already done it! Acknowledged you need therapy and looking for a Counsellor.

Step 2:

Download, complete and send me the referral form.


Phone, Email or text me for a Free Consultation

Step 3:

I will contact you with a time of an appointment matching your availability on the referral form.

If you have phoned, contacted or email we can arrange a time, but I will email you a referral form and contract.

I will then send another email with all details and confirming appointment. Including phone number, address or Zoom invite.

Step 4:

Turn up for Sessions! Continue for weekly sessions. (First session will be an assessment session, to make sure I am able to help you) 

Step 5:

We will reflect on sessions regularly until you are feeling you have achieved what you aimed to achieve in therapy.

Enjoy life, knowing you have processed what you needed, with the comfort of me being here again if you ever need me.

Referral Forms: 

Adult Self Referral Form

Young Peoples Referral Form, (If your child is under 18 years old I will require consent from their Parent/Guardian.)

Couples Therapy, (You will see I require both signatures for consent in starting therapy.)

Group Therapy.

Education Referral Form

EAP / Insurance and Business (Please contact me via email or phone for a quick conversation or please fill in the contact me form.)